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About Us

Since 1948, Mayflower Power & Gas has kept business and industry humming in New York City. We supply Natural Gas and Power to places you visit every day: stores, offices, schools, and restaurants. We also support hospitals, police & fire stations, transportation, and transit systems. While your local utility is the provider of electricity and natural gas, we can stabilize your Energy statements in a volatile environment, supporting the communities of New York to grow and thrive.

As the region’s energy needs evolve, we evolve with it. Our customers can count on us to be there for them, with reliable energy, competitive pricing, and advice on the best ways to control costs and get the most out of their energy dollars. We remain the Energy Supplier of choice for businesses who want dependable natural gas and electric supply.Getting the best from your energy supplier goes beyond what you see on your monthly bill. In addition to the best electricity and natural gas prices, Mayflower delivers service that keeps you connected to the power you need. Our experience and advice can help you make the best decisions about the energy that powers your daily living.

Every day, you make decisions that affect your family and your community. Who brings the energy to the places you live and work is essential. We are proud to be the natural gas supplier New Yorkers rely on for dependable service.

As energy markets evolve, we’ve been at the forefront. New York businesses have relied on many sources of energy to keep moving since we got started: coal, fuel oil, propane, natural gas, and electricity. We’ve helped generations of New York businesses move to the newest and best as their commercial energy supplier. Our customers get the service they require and energy stability as markets fluctuate and evolve.

We’re more than just an Energy Supply Company. Mayflower is the partner you can call on for advice and support as you plan for the future. Mayflower makes it easy to choose the right natural gas supplier and energy solution for your home or business.

Are you looking for reliable natural gas suppliers and electricity providers in New York? Mayflower is a trusted natural gas and electricity supplier offering services at competitive prices. Call now.