Commercial Electricity & Natural Gas Suppliers New York

Commercial electricity and energy costs are an expense that requires close and regular review. Business electricity rates change, and an owner may find that the electricity bill has eaten into profits for a quarter or a year. Manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and commercial real estate are just three examples of sectors where electricity rates can catch business owners unprepared and eat into profits.

Large businesses and small businesses benefit from having an electricity provider who is more than just an electricity supplier. They need an energy expert to monitor, forecast, and plan for the future. 

Mayflower Power & Gas is that energy expert. Our team watches the market like hawks.  We can monitor and lock in your prices with a rapid turnaround time. We can review your contract when the market cools down, and take the steps to make sure you’ve got energy when supply is tight. That’s the Mayflower Power & Gas advantage.


Natural gas fires the boilers, powers the heavy machinery, and keeps fleet vehicles on the road. Mayflower Power & Gas is the ideal natural gas supplier to ensure those processes keep running smoothly.  

An energy partnership with Mayflower Power & Gas is based on the needs of your business and designed to boost your bottom line.  Because no two companies are alike, our custom packages are designed to be relevant to your company and suited for your budget. You’ll appreciate our dedication to top-level service and consistent savings.


We have a variety of pricing options that are available to meet your specific commercial and industrial needs.  Many businesses choose Mayflower as their natural gas supplier because they know they can maximize cost-efficiency, minimize disruption and grow their business.


There are no surprises with a fixed-rate contract, and your energy costs remain constant and predictable.  Your rates will remain consistent over the life of the contract. Forecasting and budgeting for your energy costs are protected from changes in the natural gas market.

Variable Rates

When you take advantage of a variable rate contract, you are guaranteed to get the lowest price we are offering at any given time. The current market prices will determine your rate. Our role as energy experts becomes more important as we work to bring you the lowest natural gas prices on the market!

Variable Plus (NYMEX Plus Basis)

Variable Plus brings flexibility to the natural gas rates your business pays. With Variable Plus, you get the benefit of a stable basis point and minimal fluctuation in your natural gas supply and rates. You can benefit from a downturn in the natural gas market, but maintain some predictability in your rates.

Variable Plus works well for commercial and industrial customers who want the flexibility to respond to changes in the natural gas market. We are constantly tracking NYMEX pricing and availability, and we are exploring additional sources so that we can continue to support our customers.


Mayflower can use the complete range of energy solutions to address the unique energy needs of every business. We can develop a Hybrid energy plan that combines variable, indexed, and fixed rates to give you the natural gas and energy plan you need. 

Hybrid plans are where Mayflower shines. We’re more than a local utility. We’re the energy experts and partners in your success.

Sustainable Solutions

The energy infrastructure you have today influences the natural gas and energy bills you’ll pay tomorrow.  Mayflower provides expert advice on retrofitting and benchmarking to help you become more energy-efficient and save on energy costs.


Mayflower Power & Gas can develop an effective strategy for powering your business.  Your business electricity costs become more affordable by design, not by chance.

We work individually with your company to determine your ideal commercial electric plan and strategies. We realize you have many choices of commercial energy suppliers. We are dedicated to earning and keeping your business through successful outcomes and robust relationships.

When you choose Mayflower Power & Gas as your energy supplier, you contain costs, get reliable service for your business, and set the stage for growth. Don’t fall prey to fluctuations in the commercial energy market. Stabilize your energy costs with Mayflower Power & Gas.

Electricity for Commercial and Industrial Enterprise

Commercial electricity can represent more than half of operating costs in some commercial and industrial sectors. Mayflower has an array of energy services and solutions to help your business meet its growing energy needs. We help control the cost of your rising fuel prices and stay efficient.

Mayflower Power’s customized pricing and electricity supply plans represent the best way for companies to meet their energy needs and keep costs down. We actively work with small and large businesses to find the right plans, manage electricity rates, and increase energy efficiency.


For large businesses who need to budget and forecast for the long term. Mayflower’s fixed-rate plans provide consistent and predictable business electricity rates. We deliver the best contract, and your electricity rates remain constant for the life of the contract.

Variable Rates

Some businesses want the flexibility to meet market changes and take advantage of price drops. We have variable rate contracts that allow businesses to be nimble when energy conditions change. We ensure you’ll get the lowest price we are offering at any given time. We also monitor the market to watch for changes that are coming down the line, so we can help prepare for fluctuation before they arrive!

Variable Plus (Energy Plus)

Mayflower’s Variable Plus program is the best for large businesses that need stability but also want to change when the energy market changes. Variable Plus enables you to lock in everything but the energy price so you may respond to changes that happen farther up the energy supply chain. Your business will benefit in a downward market. At the same time, you’ll maintain some consistency and predictability locking in a large portion of your price.

This pricing works best for those who want to be able to react when business electricity rates tumble but also need a degree of continuity in their energy rates.

Hybrid Rates

No matter what your specific needs, Mayflower is the commercial energy supplier that can deliver the energy and the rates that keep the lights on. We can create customized pricing solutions that compare and combine the best rates around. Our Hybrid plans combine fixed, variable, and indexed rates to give you the energy prices your business needs. Mayflower excels with its Hybrid strategies, putting together an individualized contract that works best for your company.

Sustainable Solutions

The equipment you use today will determine how much your business pays for electricity tomorrow. Mayflower’s energy experts can help you assess what you need, now and in the future, and suggest changes to help reduce energy consumption. By retrofitting and benchmarking, we can help you become less energy-dependent and more energy-efficient.

Growing to Deliver Affordable Energy and Gas Solutions Across The U.S.

Our home and our hearts remain in New York, where we started over 70 years ago. But we believe that expanding our presence is the key to serving our customers right here. New technologies have created opportunities for us outside the state. Our experience means we can thrive in a complicated regulatory environment. The end result is dependable supply, stable pricing, and superior service.