Have you been reviewing your expenses and are looking for a way to reduce your electric bill? Are you looking to possibly invest in technology to make your life easier and save a few dollars? For a small business owner, it’s important to save money wherever possible. Here are a few ways you can save money each month while reducing your carbon footprint.

We all know that the best way to start saving money is to stop wasting energy, but how difficult is it going to be to spend money on solutions to save energy? Here are a few easy tips that could save you thousands each year.

Perform an Electricity Audit

Get an assessment done by an electric professional. Somebody who understands energy use can offer you insight into the specifics of your business operations and where you might be using a lot more energy than you would normally expect. Hearing a professional’s take on your energy bill is certain to offer some helpful ideas on energy costs and how to lower your electricity bill.

A good tip may be to hire a handyman as they are typically cheaper than electricians and can implement several of the fixes and updates below. Plus, it’d be handy to get on a schedule so they can replace filters quarterly and ensure automations are working properly.

Check for Air Leaks

Check for drafts around doors and windows. These minuscule gaps might not seem like a big deal, but if they’re allowing cool air to escape your office or warehouse in the summertime and hot air to escape in the wintertime, then you are paying significantly more for a temperature-controlled office than you should. Once you find the drafts, seal them up.

Be diligent about closing doors and windows if you open them. Like keeping those lights turned off when you’re not in the room, you might think you’re already good about doing this. But pay attention the next time you bring a delivery in from the parking lot and see whether you might be leaving the door open a little bit longer than is necessary.

Automate Lights

It’s obvious that we can start by turning off your lights when you leave the room. We know, we know, you already do that—or maybe you think you already do that. Walk around your office right now and take note of how many lights are unnecessarily on and how many of them have been on for several minutes or even hours without use. Getting better about flicking that light switch down when you leave the room makes a big difference. If this is too much for your staff, consider using smart switches that turn off when a room is not occupied. They’re super easy to install and can save a lot of energy.

Replace Your Air Filter

Change your air filter. A dirty air filter forces your furnace or air conditioner to work much harder than it has to, so it will use much more energy. You’ll also significantly shorten the lifespan of your unit if its parts are clogged up with dust and other debris. If you are leasing, ask your property manager how often the filters are changed. 

Change Your Lightbulbs

You can also make a point of changing out your lightbulbs to use energy-efficient light bulbs that cost the same amount but require significantly less electricity. LEDs are the most energy-efficient light bulbs and use less energy than their halogen counterparts. If you’re confused about good options or where to start, we’d recommend calling any of the local lighting experts in the area as they’ll be in the know and have all the latest best practices on cost-effective lighting. 

Lower the Temperature on the Water Heater

What kind of appliances are you running for your business operations? Do you have a hot water heater just sitting all day? Just as you could lower your thermostat a few degrees, you could also lower the temperature on your hot water tank. Storing gallons upon gallons of water at high temperatures often isn’t necessary for many businesses, and if you don’t need the water that hot, why keep it stored in your tank that hot? It’s just a waste of energy. 

Most appliances will not be affected by lowering the temperature to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit.   

Set Up Your Smart Thermostat

Balancing comfort and energy costs can be a delicate matter.  Room air conditioners can raise cooling costs and cold winters can wreak havoc on your heating costs. Try setting the thermostat a little bit higher or a little bit lower than you normally would. It doesn’t need to be anything extreme—a couple of degrees will make a big difference in the amount of energy you need, all while you lower your electric bill.

This said it’s surprising how few businesses haven’t installed or set up a smart thermostat! Your office doesn’t need to be comfortable when you or your employees aren’t there so be sure to set up your thermostat schedule. Also, make sure you’re knowledgeable and comfortable with making changes to setting temporary temperatures on the fly as it’s normal to have a handful of warmer days in the winter and a few colder days in the summer.

Check That Your Smart Appliances Are Work Properly

Keep your machines in proper working order and don’t run a cycle unless you have a full load. There are new smart appliances hitting the market daily. Take time to read and understand your smart appliances. More specifically, take time to set up your smart appliances so you are leveraging power-saving reductions wherever possible.

Don’t overwork the fridge or freezer in your office breakroom. Reducing the number of items within a fridge can save tremendously on energy efficiency, so be sure to frequently throw out old saved items within the fridge and freezer. Encourage your employees to be conscious of this when they’re putting their lunch away or getting it out. Lastly, ensure you take a look every now and then at your temperature settings to ensure it’s set where you want it… and not an employee who wants your fridge at freezing temperatures.

Consider a Prepaid Electric Bill Plan

Using a prepaid electric bill plan allows you to pay for the electricity before you use it.  This way you can control how much to budget each month, allowing you to enjoy cost certainty. Knowing that you have topped up your account with a certain amount of electricity, you will subconsciously be more aware of wasteful energy usage and practicing energy conservation. 


These are a few ideas to start you on your journey of saving on your energy bills.  Once you start seeing the benefits of making a few small changes, you’ll be hooked on keeping things as energy-efficient as you can. 

If you’re too busy to even start with the list, we’d recommend hiring a handyman and simply giving them this list. It’ll save you thousands in the long run!

If you want to have someone from our team at Mayflower Power & Gas offer you tips on minimizing your electric bill, reach out to us today by calling 718-629-3569.